300 350 word discussion

“Strategic thinking competency refers to the knowledge, skills and abilities leaders need to formulate value-creating strategic goals and strategies” (Dragoni, Oh, VanKatwyk, & Tesluk, 2011). (Cited in Dragoni, et al., 2014). They stress the need for global leaders who can think strategically in terms of goals and strategy that will help create a competitive advantage. In addition, they report that scholars in the strategic management area suggest . . “.that executives’ international experience shapes how they view and respond to their firms’ competitive landscape–in essence their strategic thinking competency. . . .” (p. 2). The article is attached to this discussion and is required for this discussion topic.

Discuss the relationship between international experience and strategic thinking competency, and describe the importance of international experience for HR managers and for employees’ interactions and relationships at work.

Please include citations and references in all postings

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