3 page paper 750 word minimum

Your Textbook:

Title:   Elementary statistics: A step by step approach (8th ed)..

Author: Bluman, A. (2012).    ISBN: 978-0-07-338610-2

  • Use the data set located within Appendix D of Elementary Statistics page 799.
  • Choose one independent variable and one dependent variable from the data set. The variables from the data set are as follows:

Independent Variables

Dependent Variables

Education Level


Smoking Status

Serum Cholesterol


Systolic Blood Pressure


Sodium Intake

Marital Status



  • Write and analysis paper of approximately 750 words about the variables chosen and also address the following points:
    • Write a hypothesis and explain how your hypothesis is testable.
    • Based on the variables chosen, what you would hypothesize about their potential relationships.
    • Determine an appropriate statistical procedure that could be used to test your hypothesis and justify your decision.
    • Randomly sample the 30 of the 100 scores for each variable chosen and conduct a statistical analysis.
    • Identify the statistical and theoretical conclusions that resulted from the analysis.
    • What are the various ethical considerations that should be taken when inferring your statistical and theoretical conclusion?
  • Format your paper using APA

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