3 page Experimental Paper for Business Strategy Game (Bid only if you know BSG)

This paper is about my experience after playing BSG. I’ll provide required information.

Three (3) pages, (APA format) summarizing your experience with the BSG simulation. Do NOT include over page or abstract.

While the list below is not comprehensive, students are expected to address these and similar characteristics:

What were your key learnings during the BSG Simulation?

What strategies were successful and why? Which were not and why not?

What did you discover about working as a member of a management team?

How did your team decide to organize its activities, meetings, and work?

Did members of your team agree on your firm’s strategies? How did you handle disagreements?

What lessons can you take from this simulation and apply to your current professional role?

Experiential Article – Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Presents an insightful and thorough discussion summarizing their experience with the BSG simulation.


Supplements response with highly relevant and extensive examples and situations.


Provides a highly detailed and insightful set of recommendations; presents a balanced and critical view.


Writing style: concise, clear, master’s-level, APA format; Flawless spelling, punctuation, grammar.




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