2 worksheet assignments 1

SLP Assignment Expectations

Higher-Level Thinking/Critical Thinking: Question and Answer

  1. Based on your quiz results, do you feel you use good critical-thinking strategies? If Yes, explain using examples of why you feel this way. If No, how might you improve as a critical thinker?
  2. Choose three forms of higher-level thinking from Chapter 4 (pg. 57) that you can employ to use daily. Each form should include 4 or 5 sentences discussing how you can implement it as you progress through your program at Trident. Utilize information from the chapter as well to support your opinion.

See PDF Critical Thinking Strategies and Forms of Higher-Level Thinking.


Quiz Results100%

  • What is critical thinking
  • Which of the following are typical characteristics of critical thinkers?
  • True or false? The fundamental benefit of critical thinking as presented in the video, “Critical Thinking,” is that when we teach and encourage critical thinking, we empower individual lives and invest in our collective future.True
  • Which of the following questions would you apply to formulating a logical, reasoned perspective?
  • Of the following four strategies for evaluating information, which one pertains to marking the text and recording what you are thinking?

– uncovering biases,examining Assumptions,skepticism

  • Curious,reflective, ethical
  • Define the problem
  • Read for understanding using Text coding
  • What’s happening? Gather the basic information and begin to think of questions.
  • Why is it important? Ask yourself why it’s significant and whether or not you agree.
  • What don’t I see? Is there anything important missing?
  • How do I know? Ask yourself where the information came from and how it was constructed.
  • Who is saying it? What’s the position of the speaker and what is influencing them?
  • What else? What if? What other ideas exist and are there other possibilities?

When you solve a problem with critical thinking, what is the first main step you want to take?

There is a worksheet attached,please fill in.

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