2 page paper (key interview)

You are to write a two-page paper on an interview that you conducted with an executive. This person should be a senior level executive with over 10 years experience in his/her field. This interview can be conducted in person or over the phone. At the top of your paper, give the person’s name, title, email address and phone number. Points will be deducted if this is not at the very top of the paper. In this paper, you should include the following: [Please feel free to ask more and include more] Why you selected this person to interview? How long has this person been in his/her position? What advice did this person give you about business, your career etc. What lessons did this person share with you that made him/her stronger in their career. What skills/talents does this person use on a daily basis? What advice this person shared for making yourself more “promotable”? How can you take what this person said and apply it to your life? This paper will be graded very strictly to evaluate the level you engaged with your executive and to see how you will use the information in your own career development

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