1000 word essay intro paragraph is already done include in word count

How you organize the rest of your essay is up to you. You can, if you like, break down Brutus’speech into sections, and analyze it section by section, dedicating a body paragraph to the persuasive use of the figures in each section. OR you can dedicate each body paragraph to a specific trope within Brutus’ rhetorical arsenal. Within each paragraph, you’d jump around in Brutus’s speech, discussing all the times Brutus uses “antithesis” (for example) in his speech. That discussion would fill out your body paragraph dedicated to the trope of antithesis.

However you choose to organize the body of your essay, you need to keep in mind that I’m most interested in reading your take on how each instance of each figure is working to convince Brutus’ audience to adopt his point of view. What we’re analyzing here is the way in which tropes (ie, figures of speech) are being used to persuade an audience. It’s not enough to point out a metaphor here, a chiasmus there. You need to explain how these particular metaphors and chiasma are working to persuade Brutus’s audience crowd on this occasion You’ll need to quote several phrases, label the tropes contained in each phrase that you quote, and explain how each phrase relies on a specific trope in order to be more persuasive.

(Assignment Length: approximately 1,000 words)

-intro paragraph is attached at the bottom. rest of essay should be based off this.- I inserted my instructors notes on what he said about the intro paragraph, if you could fix what he says and focus on the points he said in his notes that would be great (they are highlighted in yellow what needs to be fixed)

-instructions and readings are attached below

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