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Bernard Madoff Video
Bernard Madoff $50 Billion Ponzi Scheme: How Did He Do It?

The facts behind Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme are explained in this video:


Review the video and give your opinion if this is a “victimless crime” explain your answer

Discussion Questions:

1.Chapter 11 Discussion The framers of the Constitution designed the Senate to filter the output of the sometimes hasty House. Do you think this was a wise idea? Why or why not?

2.Chapter 12 Discussion: Over the past few years, discussions about the viability of the electoral college has taken center stage. We saw this with the election of George W. Bush and calls to abolish the electoral college became deafening after the 2016 election. What are the benefits and risks of abolishing the electoral college?

3.Chapter 13 Discussion: What should be the most important considerations when filling judge and justice positions at the federal level?

4. Colton Gang Injunction

News Story of the Colton Civil Gang Injunction

The civil gang injunction in Colton, California, is discussed in this video:” href=”http://www.youtube.com

Review the video and give your opinion.

5. Vice crimes offend the sensibilities, yet are often victimless and harmless, other than harm done to the defendant or society in general. Section 12.3.1 “Drug Crimes” explores drug crimes, including manufacture or cultivation,possession, sale, and under the influence offenses. Upcoming sections analyze prostitution, pimping, and pandering. In the final section, various vice statutes are available for review, including statutes criminalizing gambling and conduct involving alcohol.

Do you agree that such crimes are “victimless” crimes?

6. Define the elements required for federal mail fraud, and cite a case pertaining to mail fraud.

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