​Entrepreneurship in Oman

Entrepreneurship in Oman

This is a group assignment. I need a professional work on it. This assignment is to choose one of the famous Omani entrepreneur. Task one I need you to write proposal as the attached word file of (proposal requirement) and to submit me within 2 days maximum .

Second part of this assignment is to go through the pdf file step by step and answer all the requirements needed there . by following all the instruction given .

Part A : is group task you need to follow exactly instructions and number of words given.

Part B : INDIVIDUAL tasks : but we are 3 students . in this case I need you to do 3 different answers for this students ( for each student 500 words) each one should be different from others ( total for individual (1500) but in 3 different files .

  • To do part be you need to have to solve PECS word file also for the 3 students and also we need the answers on that file as 3 different files.
  • Use Harvard style for referencing
  • Literature Review you need to do Quoting citation
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